How It Works

Connect Contract Management tracks key terms in a contract and requires very little resource time or effort to do so.  Given our unique process that puts HBR as responsible for properly loading contracts into a database or repository, we can assure consistency of cataloging and notifications over time.

SpendConnect Contract Management’s interface is among the best in the market.  The platform relies on very few, if any, drop-downs or menu driven interfaces. The dashboard is completely interactive, available wherever you have a browser (including iPad enabled), and is easy to use.  This feature ensures you can quickly identify your contract pipeline in a visual and interactive manner that other platforms do not offer.

SpendConnect Contract Management seamlessly integrates with multiple datasets.  If Firms want to link their AP spend and supplier base in their financial system to contracts it is easily achieved in one platform.  Being able to filter for which contracts have early payment discounts and how much is being spent with each supplier to determine potential ROI is something that can now be done with two mouse clicks. SpendConnect has a mobile friendly device format for viewing on any mobile device. 

Additionally, SpendConnect is iPad and touch friendly.
SpendConnect has the ability to integrate with any data source.  We have worked with several clients to integrate with their financials systems and link contract data to supplier spend. We prefer not to directly link or connect to your financial system but instead can work to setup recurring FTP uploads to a secure folder that we can connect to and integrate into the SpendConnect platform. Contact us at support@spendconnect.com for more information.

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