SpendConnect Testimonials

Jeff Schwarz
Chief Operating Officer

Polsinelli’s business relationship with HBR has been very positive.  Employing a consultative and collaborative approach, HBR has built four online tools, benefiting the firm in the following ways:

  • Process Improvement: 600+ Contracts loaded into a centralized repository, and a solid process for tracking and managing service agreements across the firm
  • Operational Efficiency: because of the SpendConnect portal, we are able to identify where to consolidate vendors, more effectively leverage our business partnerships, and invest negotiation resources where they are most needed
  • Cost Savings: Significant annualized savings on wireless expenses, based on an audit using the SpendConnect Wireless portal

Currently in process, the firm is working with HBR in the following ways:

  • Build a procurement process, which will improve operational efficiency, purchasing and vendor management
  • Create a property leasing portal, which will improve our ability to effectively manage our real estate agreements and relationships
  • Consult in the negotiation of our library research tools, and create a data portal to better direct research resources and manage our business partners

Jamie Usher
Chief Information Officer

SpendConnect allowed us to realize significant efficiencies and time savings in our budget reporting process. The platform’s integration with our spend analytics and contract management system has laid a great foundation for improved transparency and accountability for our department heads.

The support and responsiveness provided by HBR’s team has really provided me with the leverage to focus on the strategy of our business while allowing me to dive into the details when needed. Overall, SpendConnect has been instrumental in driving a more proactive approach to our expense management strategy.

Marybeth Celorier
Director of Finance

In today’s competitive legal environment, we need to have the best tools available to help our firms make the right choices. Firm wide spend is so important to understand - not just as a measure against current budget - but in the parts that make up the whole. If we don’t understand the what and where that makes up our spend, we cannot make informed decisions or recommendations about the next steps. No system can be all things to all firms so that is where products like SpendConnect become the differentiator in the tools we use and the information we can supply.

This product is a game-changer - it provides firms with a tool that will quickly find the answer to many spend questions. We all have limited people resources; this is like having an extra analyst working just on expenses. The best thing is that anyone can use it - it is intuitive and informative.

If you only can only make one addition to your tools this year, SpendConnect should be it.

Lori (Leach) Shaw
Director, Business Services

...exactly the solution we were looking for to help us centralize all of the Firm’s contracts and analyze spend.  An extremely valuable tool that helped take our Procurement function to the next level.


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